Tetra Pond OFX Pumps


Tetra Pond OFX Pumps are an ideal choice for any pond or water garden. Most traditional pond pumps are designed to operate a fountain in conjunction with a waterfall or filter. Due to fountain heads requiring clean water in order to operate, these pumps must be pre-filtered with either a sponge or fine-mesh cage. In addition, the internal parts of the pump also need protecting from solid waste, to prevent them clogging and breaking. This results in your pond pump needing to be cleaned more regularly. The OFX pump solves this problem by allowing any solid waste to pass through its specially designed moving parts, and on up to a waterfall or filter. This means virtually no clogging, and therefore very little maintenance. The OFX range utilizes a low friction ceramic shaft and bearing for longevity and have been designed to be low maintenance, energy efficient pond water pumps ideal for use in powering filters, waterfalls and streams.


  • Rugged Debris Handling impeller - Can pass 1/4" debris without clogging
  • Large basket minimizes blockage and maintenance
  • Energy-efficient unidirectional impeller and motor (asynchronous motor technology)
  • Wear-resistant and anti-corrosive ceramic shaft for longer life
  • Epoxy encapsulation protects motor from water intrusion
  • 15 foot cord


Model Watts GPH @ 1ft. GPH @ 3ft. GPH @ 5ft. GPH@ 7ft. GPH @ 10ft. Outlet Tubing Size
DHP3600 199 3500 3050 2500 1800 -- 1 1/4"-1 1/2"
DHP4200 233 4050 3600 3050 2450 1350 1 1/4"-1 1/2"

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DHP3600 Tetra Pond DHP3600 3600GPH Pump Was $208.95$189.95 100 Ships 4 Free
DHP4200 Tetra Pond DHP4200 4200GPH Pump Was $208.95$189.95 100 Ships 4 Free
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