Nexus Eazy Filter 210


Nexus Eazy 210 Filter from Evolution Aqua provides complete filtration for Koi ponds up to 4,700 gallons. Nexus Eazy Filters are moving bed filtration systems offering exceptionally low head pressure. This means Nexus Eazy can be used in tandom with a smaller, energy efficient pump compared to pumps required with most bead filter systems. This saving can be easily seen on the monthly energy bills of Nexus Eazy Filter owners.

Nexus Eazy Filters from Evolution Aqua are the world's leading Koi pond filtration systems. These world-class pond filters are designed to provide exceptional water quality and are trusted by Koi keepers worldwide. Incorporating the industry proven Kaldnes Moving Bed coupled with the exceptional New Eazy mechanical filter, Nexus Eazy Filters offer an exceptional value. The Nexus Eazy line of filter not only offers exceptionally clear, healthy pond water, but these world-class Koi pond filters are also extremely simple to clean. Nexus Eazy cleverly combine mechanical and biological filtration into one convenient pacakge, creating an effective, high performance filtration system for Koi ponds of all sizes. These moving bed filters continue to revolutionize the way ponds are filtered. The Nexus combined with the New Eazy, means there really is no competition regarding price and what it will achieve.

Nexus Eazy Filter Sizing:

  • Nexus 210 Eazy, 2640 gph max flow, for ponds up to 4700 gallons.
  • Nexus 310 Eazy, 3960 gph max flow, for ponds up to 8900 gallons.



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