Pond Winterization

Pond Winterization

Pond heaters and pond de-icers are absolutely critical for pond owners residing in colder climates.  These items help to keep a hole in the water surface, allowing toxic gases to freely escape from your pond and preventing fish health issues.  For warmer climates, these items can help keep your pond temperature above 55 degrees, which is the optimal range to ensure maximum growth and health for Japanese Koi fish.  We rank among the nation’s leading retailers for Elecro Pond Heaters and ThermaKoi Heaters, arguably the finest in-line heaters designed for use in outdoor fish ponds and commercial water features.  We also offer amazingly low prices on Laguna Power Heat De-Icers, Laguna Winterizing Kits, and other quality pond winterization supplies from today’s leading manufacturers.  We offer the largest selection of quality pond heaters on the Web at guaranteed lowest prices.  WE also offer fast, free shipping within the contiguous USA on most products in our huge inventory.  Contact us today for our latest specials and exclusive discount offers.

If you would like free expert assistance choosing the right pond heater, de-icer, or aeration kit for your specific needs please contact us.


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