Pond Pumps - External

Pond Pumps – External

External pond pumps are designed to be installed in-line, outside of the pond. Available in a wide variety of sizes, external pumps generally offer superior reliability and energy efficiency than comparable submersible pumps. The warranty period for quality external pumps are also longer than warranties offered with most submersibles. Another benefit of choosing an external pond pump is they can be easily rebuilt. This means you can replace failed components without having to purchase an entirely new pump. For larger ponds, external pumps can provide outstanding flow rates to help create the free flowing waterfall you have always wanted. Ideal for medium and high head applications, external pumps are also the recommended choice for use with pressurized bead filters. We offer the largest selection of external pond pumps on the Web at guaranteed lowest prices. We also offer free shipping on most water circulation pumps in our massive inventory. Contact us today for our latest special deals and exclusive discount offers.

Some of our best-selling and recommended external pumps include the following:

PerformancePro Artesian2 Pumps

Elite 800 Series Pumps

WLim Wave Series II Pumps

PerformancePro ArtesianPro Pumps

Elite Primer Pro Series Pumps

WLim Dragon Series II Pumps

Elite 4500 Series Pumps

Elite Primer Pro 3 Series Pumps


If you would like free expert assistance choosing the best external pump for your specific needs, please contact us.


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