Pond Filters

Pond Filters

An effective pond filter is a must-have for any backyard pond or water garden. Pond filtration is the key to achieving healthy, clear water in any outdoor water feature. When choosing a Koi pond filter, it is important to consider the total cost of ownership. Some filter designs require more maintenance than others, requiring significant time from the pond owner. It is also important to choose a filter that was designed for your specific application. The filtration requirements for a small water garden with a few goldfish are very different from the needed system for a larger, formal pond with several large Koi fish. For small ponds and water gardens, many pond owners choose pressurized filters. Similar to canister filters commonly used in aquariums, pressurized filters are simple to install and easy to maintain. Two popular pressurized filters we offer include Laguna Pressure-Flo Filters and Anjon Simply Clear Filters. BioSteps 10 Filters, featuring Matala Filter Media, are also extremely popular for use in outdoor water features and fish ponds. These quality systems are also available with an integrated ultraviolet clarifier designed to help achieve crystal clear water. For larger ponds, many pond owners trust Nexus Eazy Filters or Aqua Link Filter Tanks. We offer the largest selection of quality pond filters on the Web at guaranteed lowest prices. We also offer free shipping on most pond filter systems in our massive inventory. Contact us today for our latest special deals and exclusive discount offers.

If you are looking for a quality pond filter which is simple to install and easy to maintain, you may also be interested in our line of quality bead filters.

Some of our best-selling and recommended pond filters include the following:

Anjon BIO PRO Filters

Anjon Simply Clear Filters

Matala BioSteps 10 Filters

Aqua Link Filter Tanks

Nexus Eazy Pod Filters

Nexus Eazy Filters


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