Matala Filter Media Rolls Black

Matala Filter Media Rolls - Black

Black Matala is the least dense of the four densities. It should be used for filtering the largest dirt particles. The Black R-Matala is 6 inches thick and you will be amazed on how much dirt it can really trap.

The Black Matala® filter media can be used as a support grate for other layers of media due to it’s very sturdy and open design. In a settling chamber the Black will slow down and trap very large particles and hair algae.

The Black R-Matala will function a s a prefilter to the biological section. The Black media can remove dirt particles before they reach the biological section. As a bonus, the Black Matala can also function as a biological filter due to it's available surface area for bacteria attachment. It is very versatile.

R-Matala, the perfect "drop in" media for Vortex filters and barrel filters. R-Matala has the same qualities as the sheets of Matala but formed into a coiled pre-cut cartridge. Simply select the diameter roll and the density you need for your round tank and drop it in. R-Matala coils are not designed to be un-rolled. They are pre-cut to fit your tank.

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