Bead Filters

Bead Filters

Pressurized bead filters are the ideal choice for large Koi ponds with high fish stocking rates. While they may resemble sand filters commonly used in swimming pools at first glance, bead filters are very different. Specifically designed for use in outdoor fish ponds, bead filters utilize a bio media designed to provide maximum surface area for beneficial bacteria growth. Many top-tier bead filters feature a powerful air blower, which aids in backwashing by removing fish waste and other debris from the bio media. Bead filtration systems are also easy to install, connecting to standard PVC pipe. Offering a relatively small footprint compared to other pond filter types, bead filters are also extremely easy to maintain. We offer the largest selection of quality bead filters for Koi ponds on the Web at guaranteed lowest prices. We also offer free shipping on most bead filters in our massive inventory. Contact us today for our latest specials deals and exclusive discount offers.

Some of our best-selling and recommended bead filters include the following:

Genesis Filters

AlphaONE Filters

AquaBead Filters

Elite Filters

Ultima II Filters

AquaDyne Filters

Challenger Filters


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