AquaLink Yumota Filter


AquaLink Filter Tanks are available in several configurations and sizes to suit your specific needs. Osaka Multi-Chamber FRP Filter Tanks, Yumota Multi-Chamber FRP Filter Tanks, and Tiny Multi-Chamber Tanks are one of the easiest pond filter systems on the market today to install. These quality pond filtration systems are also among the easiest pond filters to maintain. FRP Filter Tanks are ideal for use in both pump-fed and gravity-fed applications. These quality units are the same quality units trusted by respected Japanese Koi breeders and feature several proven media types, including filter foam, currogated tubes, aquarock, Japanese mats, and filter brushes.


  • Solid FRP (Fiberglass) Koi Pond Filtertank with various capacities.
  • Our Koi Pond Filtertanks are coated with UV protection for outdoor installation.
  • High efficiency mechanical+biological Koi Pond Filtration system with minimum/easy maintenance.
  • Both Pump fed-in and Gravity fed-in types of Koi Pond Filtertanks are Available.
  • Bottom drainages with valves for individual segments (selected types).
  • Our Koi Pond Filtration system is the easiest setup and Lowest operating cost. Very simple DIY installation


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Item # Description Price Points  
YUMOTA4 AquaLink Yumota 4 Chamber FRP Filter System Was $3,034.90$2,759.00 2700 Ships 4 Free
YUMOTA5 AquaLink Yumota 5 Chamber FRP Filter System Was $4,090.90$3,719.00 3700 Ships 4 Free
YUMOTA6 AquaLink Yumota 6 Chamber FRP Filter System Was $4,750.00$4,319.00 4300 Ships 4 Free
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